About Us

Ross Bay Preschool Staff Members - Victoria, BC

Ross Bay Preschool Ltd. is a government licensed community care facility located in Victoria, BC, owned/managed by ECE Kim Thorsen who oversees the daily operations of the preschool, as well as our ECE's Meghan Lidkea and Bridgette Downes. Ross Bay Preschool employs nurturing teachers who understand the stages of child development, respect family needs and promote cultural diversity. Our staff is dedicated to building strong partnerships with families to enrich children's experiences. The welfare of our children is of utmost importance and as such, the Ross Bay Preschool Staff are trained in CPR and First Aid to ensure each child's safety. At Ross Bay Preschool, staff is encouraged to continue their professional development. Continuous staff training is provided through educational workshops and seminars to maintain the highest standard of education for the children in our program.

The preschool offers comprehensive early childhood programming which addresses all areas of development such as the physical, intellectual, language, emotional, and social developmental areas. Further, we are proud to be able to provide a specially designed active learn and play environment, which includes full wheelchair accessibility. We are located in a quiet, family oriented residential area across from Hollywood Park. Nearby are local beaches and many community attractions.

Our teachers are highly qualified educators and caregivers who are pleased to continue broadening their knowledge through professional development. They possess a love of children combined with professionalism and a commitment to partnerships with parents. Our teachers meet all of the requirements outlined by the Community Care Facilities Act Child Care Licensing Regulation.

Preschool Philosophy

Ross Bay Preschool - Victoria, BC

Choosing the right preschool for your child is a big decision.  It is our belief that all children are unique, have different abilities and learn in their own way.  They learn best when they guide, direct, and follow their interests through play and have a long period of playtime to practice skills.  These beginning skills are the foundation for interaction with others that will take them into adulthood and the world. 

Our educators understand the importance of age appropriate educational experiences and their role in the success of children as they develop physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and linguistically. We offer a program with a variety of developmentally appropriate activities that will help prepare your child for a lifetime of learning.

Ross Bay Preschool has been carefully designed to delight, intrigue and inspire young children.  We set the stage for creative play with our uniquely designed play areas.  A Music Area, Art Table, Sand/Water table, Dress-Up Area, Puzzle and Book Area, Big Block and Listening Centre are some of the places your child will play and learn in each time they come to preschool. Your child will be in an atmosphere where they can make friendships, learn to share and cooperate. They will be cared for by educators, who will make them feel safe, loved and accepted for their own unique personalities. We focus on the development of self-control, confidence and problem solving skills as well as enhance their ever increasing intellectual, social, emotional, physical and, language skills.

Ross Bay Preschool is an inclusive center, and all children at Ross Bay Preschool are respected and supported.